Saturday, 11 June 2011

Holiday is about to go byebye :(

Hey ya'll. As you all see on the title, Holiday is almost over. Well, there is some ups and downs in it. Well, The bad side of it, I have to wake up early, I can't have fun, No sleepovers, No outings and more. Most of all, GOOD BYE FRIENDS WHO GOES TO BOARDING SCHOOL :'( But, the up side of it is, Well, I can see my friends, I could see him, Pocket money, Less eating. HOHO, but when school starts, well, there some ups and downs too.The Down side is, homework, Conflicts, Have to wake up early, Craving for holidays,Less time with laptop, Oh, and RESULTSS! URGHH D: But the up side is, Well, Friends? Well, Idontknow xD HAHA, k THEEND :3

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