Friday, 22 April 2011


Im so depresssed right now. Bout someone. I totally like him. But he didnt even had a clue. We didnt chat since *shhh* . So, its a bit awkward to start a conversation with him. Im a bit mad, cause *Secret*. But they were joking? NOWAY. So i got a bit pissed. Anyways, I just, URGH! No one understands! KBYE

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Well, I had fun at Iffa's with Alyssa. Aida and Fatin couldnt come. SHIT GUYS! Well, we had our laughs :) Then, at school, we had fun too. Not a big deal. Oh, we decided to move to the back of the class, cause its more FUN. Then, *somethinghappened.itsasecret* Then, we went home. Oh oh, forgot to tell, I MADE A FUCKIN FOOL OF MY SELF, THANKYOU. KBYE.


To the females, please make your partner happy. Don't let him down. Nor your loved ones. I know, you will get hurt. But the most person who will be hurt is your loved ones. Im not talking about someoone, well, yeah im talking bout someone, but, This message is for all of the women out there, Dont hurt your loved ones, Cause youll be hurt too.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

20th April ~

Thanks Guys, You guys *IffaAidaAlyssaFatin, Really made me smile Today. Especially after Recess. HAHA, You guys were Fuckin' crazy! Especially you, Iffa x) We pulled out so many damn jokes at Alyssa and Aida! HAHA xD But actually, There is a secret beyond those pranks. HAHA, Its our secret kan Fa? :3 then we were SO HYPER!! Oh, and guess what?! We, *Sensored, HAD A CRUSH ON THE SAME PERSON!  Well, Bak Kata Iffa, AMinuteCrush. HUHU~ Oh, and and, Forgot to tell, Fatin got into the angklong group! Woah,, BIG CHEERS FOR HER :D So, Well, BYEEE, Im webbie -ng With Aida btw. But tak layan sgt x) HAHA, oh, wish me luck sso i could sleep early today! :D Oh, btw, Its been a week i couldnt sleep ._. So, KBYE  :P

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

So Sad.

Seriously, Dude, I miss you. I just, Felt so sad. Cause you always make me smile * Besidesmyawesomeclassbuddies. Well,

So i can tell you,


Hey, Wanna hear a story? Well, If you want to, please read until the end. But if you dont want to, please just leave. Okay? Okay. Well,
There is a girl. She is not Perfect like the other girls. Well, This girl was hurt, For too long. Since two years ago, She coupled with a guy. Who left, and  stayed at US. Then, Last year, She coupled with her own Bff. Then it turned out so damn bad. Then, this year, She coupled With a guy, Her old Bff, but he went to Aussie. So, She had been so strong for too long. Actually, All these years, She had been so strong, but actually she is scared, so scared. She always keep moving forward, but actually she just wanted to stop. She always Think about others, but actually, she wanted to be think about too. She always say she is cute, but actually, she knows that her face is like shit. She acts like she is coo cool, but actually she just wanted to be noticed. She acts fearless, but actually, she has been a coward her whole life. Well, There is a long list to go, but I'll just give you some of these. So, If you wanna know who that girl is, Well, Its ME.


I read my friend's Status. She said something. Well, the words are very common. But then, her friend commented. And i think its about a guy. That i like. I know he was interested in her before, but, Come on woman, You dumped him. Im just disappointed in you. Since you posted those words as your status, i felt so frustrated. Im sorry.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

17th April 2011

Well, My sister, Nephew, brother inlaw and i went out. We went to the Maxis center to buy a simcard for my Inlaw. You know what? Yesterday, My inlaw and his friends went to Mount Tabuh * Behind of my house *. They went for a training there. Well, It rained. He brought His iPhone4 and his E7. Well, both of it was Soaking wet. So it broke. Then he bought a new iPhone4 today ._. Well, That sucked. Then my inlaw had an interview. We waited for two hours ._. Then, My sister wanted to buy me a book * Cause i begged her too. I was SOO EXCITED. I wanna Find a Jean Ure's book. Cause her books are AWESOME! So we decided to go to Bangi to buy the book and eat Tutti Frutti there. But since all the bookstores there ware closed, so we didnt eat TuttiFrutti :( That night, We went to celebrate My dad's and Inlaw's birthday at somewgere near Keramat. So, thats it i guess. Nothing excitng happens then. So, Bubbye :)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Books Books Books! :D

Now, i just LOOVE books :3 I dont know, since i finished reading Harry potter, I wanna read more. So now, Ive been asking my sisters and mum to buy me a book. And i also asked my friends is there any interesting books i could borrow. well. If your reading, and you have an awesome book, Could you lend it to me? But let me know frist. Well, Thanks a lot for your kindness :D

Hard to sleep.

Since last Wednesday ( 14th April), I had difficulties to sleep. I just cant close my eyes. Well, i did close my eyes, but I couldnt sleep. But, I did sleep around two or three in the morning. Well, I asked my Science teacher, 
Me : Teacher, i have some difficulties of sleeping at night. I'll finally go to sleep around two or three likethat :\
Teacher : Oh, maybe you think too much bout your problem. Well, do you have any problem?
Me : *smiled*
Teacher : You see, you think too much before you go to sleep. Thats why you had a rough time sleeping.
* This conversation above had been turned to the english version. Thankyou *
Well, Yesterday, I took her advise. I try to not to think bout anything, but it still didnt work. Humph. Well, See ya. Im Gonna Find out why. But maybe,

Well, Those things in that link above, is the stuff i like. So, Feel free to follow. Dont worry, I dont bite :3

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Friends Are Like This ♥

You guys are so awesome :) When Im sad, you guys always ask me why. But i didnt answer. But you guys still wanted me to be happy, so you guys went to cheer me up. That is so sweet of you guys :') You guys make me laugh every single day. And im happy when you did make me laugh. You guys really know how to make a girl smile. And im proud that im in the same class as you, and were awesome great friends :) Words cannot describe how important you guys are in my life. Without you guys, i think there wont be much smiles from me at school. So, thanks a lot guys  

Cry So Hard

Hey, Im dead sad. Cant tell you how much it feels to be remembered bout your old past. I just cant stop frowning. But thats a bad habit, right? K, just wanna tell you how much Im sad right now. K bye.


You know what my mom said to me? Well,
Mama : Nono, Asrama tak dapat ah.
Me : Oh, really? Oh k. Tak apa ah. Nono tak nak pergi pun.
Mama : kenapa?
Me : Sbb Nono dah suka Melawati x)
Mama : Oh, Ok. Mama pun tak nak nono pergi.

Awhh, Im so lucky to have a mama like you, Ma 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Two faced Jerk

I hate your fuckin attitude. You have a fuckin two face MAN! Just, dont. Your like, Always back stabbing people. You treat people like shit. I thought you were nice. But i was COMPLETELY wrong bout you. You act so nice in front of them. But actually, your not that fucking nice at all. You always talk shit about others. You've make others look Damn stupid. Your words were never nice. You make shit. FUCKING SHIT! You just pissed me off. You want people to change, but actually, your the one who changed. YOU BACKSTABBED YOUR OWN BFF? WOAH. Your really nice. Just one thing, Do that again, apologise? Well, KISS MY ASS! YEAH, were all human. We make mistakes. But, we had given you A LOT of chances. Just, Please. I beg you. CHANGE. Before we treat you like shit. 



DAMN! I just wish i could tell you how much i like you. Well, you see, I write your name on my hand. I watch you when your looking away. I talk about you ALOT. I always think about you. I know your loved one. I just, Want to tell you, How much i like you. But, Those three simple words was never easy to tell. Cause, Im just afraid, that it would'nt turn out right. And things wll be much worse. But, What's life without taking a little risk? Well, I'm still afraid. I hope someday, i could tell you those words. But, i hope, i heard the same thing from you. Cause hey, I LIKE YOU :3

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Today We, FATINAIDANILA Had an awesome time at OU. Fatin's mum was so nice to bring us there. Well, First we go shopping ofcourse x) We bought a bracelet, a mood ring and more ~ Then, we were like, What else, TUTTIFRUTTI ofcourse. Then, we went shopping again. Nila bought a shoe. Well, Then lunch. Then we went back to take our stuff for a SLEEPOVER aat Aida's. Well, a drama happened. But we got through that. Oh, Forgot to tell. WE WENT TO SWIM AT NIGHT. Well, how cool is that? HAHA. Then, well. Awesomeness began. Will continue tomorrow. K BYEEE :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sometimes, I just wanna cry. But i dont know why. Pathetic? I know :|
Well, not in the mood to blog. Bye.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Oh, this blog will appear when AIDA SHAZWIN give me the pphotos that we took. So, just wait. Thankyou :)
Well, Cant much now. But, i know we had a lot of fun. Well, first, WE WENT SWIMMING at Aida's. I've got PICTURES!

HAHA, Funny aint us? Well, WHO CARES? Then, we make some polymer clay. So then, WERE AWESOME. K dah dah. BYEEEE :3

Saturday, 2 April 2011


Well, my mum invited me to go to Perak, but i denied cause I wanna go to Aida's house. So, Im sleeping at Fatin's. But, in the morning, my mum already left. Then i red a text that Fatin sent and she said that   her Granda is coming, So i dont wanna interupt. So Im staying at Aieshah's * me neighbour. but she said she'll pick me up at 8. So i waited. I got bored, then i invited Alyssa and Fatin over. Its quite funny cause i was a wee bit KABUT today. THANKGOD THEY CAME! Cause i was bored and scared :3 So, now im waiting For Aieshah to arrive :)
OH OH, BTW, i cant wait for tomorrow. CAUSE WERE GOING TO AIDA'S *AmiraFatinAlyssaIffa. SO WERE DAME EXCITED! Hihi, thats all. KBYEEEEEEEEEEEE :D


Hihi, I wanna tell you bout yesterday. Friday, 1st of April,
You know what, its my first day since i went to Japan, so its quite nervous. In the morning, I went to tuition and . At Mrs Ng's house. She teach Math. I gave her a Tokyo tower and a Kompeito * Japaneese candy ( tell ya later) Then, she asked me how was the eartquake, I said it was quite fun, then She is like, WTH and like, she said it was actually dangerous. But i was teelin the truth! Well, when it finished, * SOMETHING HAPPEN. ME SECRET ONLY! * then Im home. Aida, Alyssa and i went to Fatin's place. Cause were bored :3 we ate KFC. SPONSORED BY AIDA'S DAD. We went to school VERY late. THANKS TO THE CANTEEN GATE, so we didnt get caught xD at school, I gave my Friends this, what i talked bout earlier.
Well, This is a KOMPEITO. Its a Japaneese treat :) Well, continue, I gave my friends a taste, then they got Hyper. Dont know why. Maybe SUGARRUSH! xD Haha, btw. I DIDNT GOT TO REPEAT MY EXAM. SO I GOT ZERO for all of my subject. Well, WHATEVER. OH YEAH, at the gate, I was walking with Macha and Zaty. Then Macha started a stupid prank cause its APRIL FOOLS! but it didnt worked. Poor Macha. HAHA, Well, then i tried to Prank Zaty, but It didnt worked either ._. Well, Nemind. ZATY KAMBING, jk xD So, nothing much happened after that. Well, END OF MY FRIDAY. BYEEE :)

Friday, 1 April 2011


HAHA, what a great memoryy. Fyi, i was'nt singing. I was shouting cause my bro is playing with his water pistol. HAHA, so funny back then. That teddy bear is still here btw, only, its not on my bed, its under xD HAHA, I HAVE A BIGGER ONE NOW :3 Btw, i miss my old room. WHEN THE COLOUR IS CUTE. Now, the colour is DARK PINK. Like, WTH?! Well, Nvm. i kindof like it *eventough its pink, witch i hate. Oh, bout the Tennis racket, that is my sister's. She just LOVE Tennis. A bit Awkward actually. So, you've seen my old room, so. BYEEE :)



At this pic you look so innocent. but your actually a noisy boy. HAHA.