Sunday, 17 April 2011

17th April 2011

Well, My sister, Nephew, brother inlaw and i went out. We went to the Maxis center to buy a simcard for my Inlaw. You know what? Yesterday, My inlaw and his friends went to Mount Tabuh * Behind of my house *. They went for a training there. Well, It rained. He brought His iPhone4 and his E7. Well, both of it was Soaking wet. So it broke. Then he bought a new iPhone4 today ._. Well, That sucked. Then my inlaw had an interview. We waited for two hours ._. Then, My sister wanted to buy me a book * Cause i begged her too. I was SOO EXCITED. I wanna Find a Jean Ure's book. Cause her books are AWESOME! So we decided to go to Bangi to buy the book and eat Tutti Frutti there. But since all the bookstores there ware closed, so we didnt eat TuttiFrutti :( That night, We went to celebrate My dad's and Inlaw's birthday at somewgere near Keramat. So, thats it i guess. Nothing excitng happens then. So, Bubbye :)

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