Saturday, 2 April 2011


Well, my mum invited me to go to Perak, but i denied cause I wanna go to Aida's house. So, Im sleeping at Fatin's. But, in the morning, my mum already left. Then i red a text that Fatin sent and she said that   her Granda is coming, So i dont wanna interupt. So Im staying at Aieshah's * me neighbour. but she said she'll pick me up at 8. So i waited. I got bored, then i invited Alyssa and Fatin over. Its quite funny cause i was a wee bit KABUT today. THANKGOD THEY CAME! Cause i was bored and scared :3 So, now im waiting For Aieshah to arrive :)
OH OH, BTW, i cant wait for tomorrow. CAUSE WERE GOING TO AIDA'S *AmiraFatinAlyssaIffa. SO WERE DAME EXCITED! Hihi, thats all. KBYEEEEEEEEEEEE :D

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