Saturday, 2 April 2011


Hihi, I wanna tell you bout yesterday. Friday, 1st of April,
You know what, its my first day since i went to Japan, so its quite nervous. In the morning, I went to tuition and . At Mrs Ng's house. She teach Math. I gave her a Tokyo tower and a Kompeito * Japaneese candy ( tell ya later) Then, she asked me how was the eartquake, I said it was quite fun, then She is like, WTH and like, she said it was actually dangerous. But i was teelin the truth! Well, when it finished, * SOMETHING HAPPEN. ME SECRET ONLY! * then Im home. Aida, Alyssa and i went to Fatin's place. Cause were bored :3 we ate KFC. SPONSORED BY AIDA'S DAD. We went to school VERY late. THANKS TO THE CANTEEN GATE, so we didnt get caught xD at school, I gave my Friends this, what i talked bout earlier.
Well, This is a KOMPEITO. Its a Japaneese treat :) Well, continue, I gave my friends a taste, then they got Hyper. Dont know why. Maybe SUGARRUSH! xD Haha, btw. I DIDNT GOT TO REPEAT MY EXAM. SO I GOT ZERO for all of my subject. Well, WHATEVER. OH YEAH, at the gate, I was walking with Macha and Zaty. Then Macha started a stupid prank cause its APRIL FOOLS! but it didnt worked. Poor Macha. HAHA, Well, then i tried to Prank Zaty, but It didnt worked either ._. Well, Nemind. ZATY KAMBING, jk xD So, nothing much happened after that. Well, END OF MY FRIDAY. BYEEE :)

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