Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Hey, Wanna hear a story? Well, If you want to, please read until the end. But if you dont want to, please just leave. Okay? Okay. Well,
There is a girl. She is not Perfect like the other girls. Well, This girl was hurt, For too long. Since two years ago, She coupled with a guy. Who left, and  stayed at US. Then, Last year, She coupled with her own Bff. Then it turned out so damn bad. Then, this year, She coupled With a guy, Her old Bff, but he went to Aussie. So, She had been so strong for too long. Actually, All these years, She had been so strong, but actually she is scared, so scared. She always keep moving forward, but actually she just wanted to stop. She always Think about others, but actually, she wanted to be think about too. She always say she is cute, but actually, she knows that her face is like shit. She acts like she is coo cool, but actually she just wanted to be noticed. She acts fearless, but actually, she has been a coward her whole life. Well, There is a long list to go, but I'll just give you some of these. So, If you wanna know who that girl is, Well, Its ME.

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