Monday, 11 April 2011

Two faced Jerk

I hate your fuckin attitude. You have a fuckin two face MAN! Just, dont. Your like, Always back stabbing people. You treat people like shit. I thought you were nice. But i was COMPLETELY wrong bout you. You act so nice in front of them. But actually, your not that fucking nice at all. You always talk shit about others. You've make others look Damn stupid. Your words were never nice. You make shit. FUCKING SHIT! You just pissed me off. You want people to change, but actually, your the one who changed. YOU BACKSTABBED YOUR OWN BFF? WOAH. Your really nice. Just one thing, Do that again, apologise? Well, KISS MY ASS! YEAH, were all human. We make mistakes. But, we had given you A LOT of chances. Just, Please. I beg you. CHANGE. Before we treat you like shit. 


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