Wednesday, 20 April 2011

20th April ~

Thanks Guys, You guys *IffaAidaAlyssaFatin, Really made me smile Today. Especially after Recess. HAHA, You guys were Fuckin' crazy! Especially you, Iffa x) We pulled out so many damn jokes at Alyssa and Aida! HAHA xD But actually, There is a secret beyond those pranks. HAHA, Its our secret kan Fa? :3 then we were SO HYPER!! Oh, and guess what?! We, *Sensored, HAD A CRUSH ON THE SAME PERSON!  Well, Bak Kata Iffa, AMinuteCrush. HUHU~ Oh, and and, Forgot to tell, Fatin got into the angklong group! Woah,, BIG CHEERS FOR HER :D So, Well, BYEEE, Im webbie -ng With Aida btw. But tak layan sgt x) HAHA, oh, wish me luck sso i could sleep early today! :D Oh, btw, Its been a week i couldnt sleep ._. So, KBYE  :P

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