Friday, 15 April 2011

Hard to sleep.

Since last Wednesday ( 14th April), I had difficulties to sleep. I just cant close my eyes. Well, i did close my eyes, but I couldnt sleep. But, I did sleep around two or three in the morning. Well, I asked my Science teacher, 
Me : Teacher, i have some difficulties of sleeping at night. I'll finally go to sleep around two or three likethat :\
Teacher : Oh, maybe you think too much bout your problem. Well, do you have any problem?
Me : *smiled*
Teacher : You see, you think too much before you go to sleep. Thats why you had a rough time sleeping.
* This conversation above had been turned to the english version. Thankyou *
Well, Yesterday, I took her advise. I try to not to think bout anything, but it still didnt work. Humph. Well, See ya. Im Gonna Find out why. But maybe,

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