Friday, 6 May 2011

7th May ~

Wooo!! exams coming up.Oh,k. Bout today, I had a blast. Our activity for Girl Guides is futsal. Well, I also got a jersey! Well, the Ajks got the black one. ITS SO CUTE! Then we played face painting. Fatin Zaiyani * senior, wrote JB on her cheeks. Well, I wanna show her that Bruno Mars is awesome -er, so i wrote Bruno Mars on my cheeks x) Hihi. Then, there was suppose to be a fight between The morning Ajks and the Evenings, but. Nevermind x) So then, I went to the Carboot sale ~ Man, it was so boring. The rumah hantu wasnt even scary. The lights was off, then like we sang 'Marry you' cause there is no excitement. Pfft. Thank god the tickets were given from a frend. Or else, i will totally regret it. But i got to treat Effi and Izreen ._. Well, i know. Pity me x) Well, Syida told me that it was fun earlier. Yea, cause i was at the Futsal.Then  I met my Friends, Juniors, Seniors and all ~ So kbye. Im having a bad headache :(

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