Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bravery ~

Okay, last night, I was so  brave to tell my crush that i like him. I had a crush on him since February until now. So i admitted to him. You see, I admire guys who is nice, tall, smart, funny, outstanding, cute and understandable. So, he caught me eye on that. I was very lucky to meet him. Cause well, his one of a kind. A shy boy i guess. His smile, is like the brightest star i've ever seen. His attitude is like a a river that we can see the fish in it. His intelligence is outstanding. Well, his a prefect actually. That means his a good guy. A wise girl once said, " If a man could make you laugh, hold on to him. Maybe his the one ". So girls,

Dont let fear run you off, even if


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