Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bro :3

HELLO! Long Time no blog ._. Well, today wanna tell you bout My brother. Well, his my petbro. Duhh. I will never, i repeat, NEVER blog bout my real brothers -___- Ok, well, His a senior. He is Damn Nice! Okay, first time i saw him. I was like 'Prefect? Must be a proud guy' But when i knew him, He was never pround :O The first time we chatted, We talked ALOT. We gossiped ALOT. We introduced ourselves ALOT. I had a really good time chatting with him :) Oh oh, bout him, Well, His freakingly nice. His a prefect. His in the second class, so he must be smart. Okay, he is kinda cute *banggakau. HAHA. Oh, the best part is, HE IS SO HUMBLE. Hihi, that is why its so easy to annoy him *evilface. HAHA. Its a long time since i hold on to my phone 24/7. But now, i hold on to it everytime. Even when im asleep xD Well, its a lot of fun having him as a friend. His a good listener. A good friend to gossip with. And the best mate to Annoy x) HAHA, i sometimes felt sorry for him cause im so evil to him. But i know he loves me. HIHI. Dah biasa kan bro? HAHA, so, now were chatting. But, tk lyn dia pun. Kasihan dia. HAHA, so bye :3

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