Thursday, 5 May 2011

K ~

OMG, today i just dont wanna go to school. I cant bear seeing his face. His innocent face. Well, i ______. Only AidaFatinIzreen who knows. Im too weak.  I just wanna fall. I just wanna die. I  just, Humph.. I tried to stay strong, but, Im just too, WEAK! Well, talking bout this makes me sad. So i better stop. Even though its not gonna happen, but I just cant let you go. Idk, I just cant. You always pop in my head. But hey, I still Like you, dude :) Oh, Btw, tonight, i got a new friend. His a senior too. Well, his nice and all. First i thought he was actually a proud guy, but actually his a gentleman. Well, It was nice meeting him. Woah, First time chat dah Gossip macam banyak gila babs. HAHA. Oh, Thats it i guess. So, BYE :3

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  1. Hmm, Aida Fatin Izreen jelakan yang tahu -.-