Monday, 2 May 2011

Cottage ~

Omg, thanks a lot guys. I had a blast there. Wanna know what we did? Well,
First day,
We got at Iffa's at 12. Then we played in her bedroom. Then, we all packed and put our stuff in the car. Her mum, bro and sis were in the car too. We stopped at supermarket to buy some snacks, then Off we go :D In the car was so boring, until Iffa started a joke about someone. Then we laughed. Then Aida did that joke too xD Poor me and Alyssa cause were the victims of those two xD We laughed so hard until her mum asked us to keep it slow. We did keep it slow, for a couple of minutes xD Then, when we got there, i was so shocked cause it was so peaceful there. After we settled in, we went to her farm. Before that, we visited the swing. It was so FUN. Were like laughing like crazy xD Oh, then we continued our journey. When we got there, the first thing we saw is the horse. We went and pat it. Then we went to the sheep pen. Then, there was a sheep that ran beside Aida and Allysa, and they screamed xD Oh, Iffa caught one and i touched it xD Then we went off and climbed on the truck. Oh, Iffa's sister was there too. We got a ride ~ We went to the upper farm. We gotta jump from the side of the truck, Over the shits. Then we ran up the hill to get a better view. Then, when we went down, there is a mama cow. She was taking care of her new born calf. Then, its hard to climb on the truck. We have to run! Then, we got on it. The truck driver brought us sight seeing at the village. It was nice though. Oh, the truck was fast too. But that is why its AWESOME. After we got back, we straighten/blow curl our hairs xD later that night, was so damn fun! We gossiped ALOT on her double decker bed. Then we got to sleep.
Second day,
We all got up early cause we got to ride a HORSE. When we got there, there is a black horse, and a brown one. I like the brown one tough. Iffa and Aliyya Rode the horse with such awesomeness xD So, AidaAlyssa and i got a chance to ride it. Well, i proudly say, i was the first one to ride it x) But it was so hard. But the trainer taught me how to ride it, so he let go of the horse and i kindof rode a horse by myself. Its still cool tough! Then Aida and Alyssa got a turn. But they rode the black one. Weee, i got to ride the brown one x) After they all had a ride, we got back. we were so bored that evening. Not that bored actually. We were doing random stuff ~ Then we went to the nearest store there. we bought some snack. Then, at 6pm, we went to the farm to ride the truck xD It was soo fast. And her sister got an idea to shout our crushs' name. So i shouted his name with a comel at the back. AidaAlyssaIffaandAliyya shouted theirs. When we got back, his bro baked some pizzas. It was soo YUMMY. Btw, I chocked a chocolate. It was so scary :( later that night, i fell asleep early, but Iffa and Aida woke me up to eat Maggi. Then, we got back to sleep after a loong time gossipping.
Third day,
Its our last day. So sad. We got up, clean the room cause its so messy. I was like, so sad. but, we played the last time at the swing. Then, we wrote something at the tree. Shh. Then we ate McD. Then we got back at Iffa's. We played in a MINI POOL! It was fun! xD HAHA, then we made a lot of jokes that night. I still cant stop thinking bout Aida's scary face xD It was obviously scary cause Iffa, Alyssa and i was shouting so bad. Then, we ran off shouting like lil babies. Aida could get pretty serious sometimes x) Eventough were scared, but we still asked her to continue scaring us. So she continued, and the screaming was also too. Oh, but sadly, Aida left early. So, we went up the bedroom with silence. We talked for a few minutes, and my daddy arrived to pick me up. Hishh. Idk when Alyssa got back, but i think that is the end of my cottage trip. So, 
Thanks a lot Iffa for bring me, Aida, Allysa there. We really enjoyed ourselves. So, The End :)

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